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CN Series Magnetic Drive Pump

API 685 heavy duty sealess magnetic drive pump Wolong’s CN is a horizontal, sealess centrifugal magnetic drive pump for petroleum, heavy duty chemical and gas industry services, per API 685 standard.

  • Application
  • Design Feature
  • Model and Parameter
  • Material of Construction
  • Performance curve

●Oil refining
●Power plant
●Enviromental protection
●Pharmaceutical industry etc

●Liquid gases
●Aggressive, explosive and toxic liquids
●Acids & lyes
●Heat transfer liquids
●Difficult-to-seal liquids
●Inflammable, explosive, poisonous, hazardous, neutral or corrosive fluid and so on.

- Advanced cyclical path design
Adopt advanced cyclical model of high pressure entrance and high pressure exit circulation ( see the arrow’s trance in section drawing). More suitable for vaporized mediums.

- Special self-balancing performance of axial force
There wil be one stationary balancing plate between impeller hub and support disc if the diameter of impeller equals to or is larger than 250mm, this new design can make the axial force autobalance by adjusting the radial and axial gaps.

-Perfect flexible connection structure
Adopt inserted structure for siliding bearing and thrust button. The tolerance rings are used for radial connection. Also tolerance rings are filled between in shaft and shaft sleeve to mitigate the pressure which shaft imposes on the shaft sleeve becuse of heat expansion.

-Contaiment shell
The stamped arc bottom of the contaiment shell improves the rigidity of the containment shell, alleviates the stress concentration on the bottom of containment shell and then protects it from being damaged.                    

Operating parameter:
Pressure: Up to 5.0 Mpa
Temperature: -45-300℃

Pump casing: Carbon steel, SS316, Duplex Stainless Steel
Impeller: Carbon steel, SS316, Duplex Stainless Steel
Contaiment shell:  Hastelloy C4/Titanium
Inner Magnet Carrier: 316 SS/Hastelloy C4
Internal Bearings: Silicon carbide,
Bearing Frame: Cast steel/nodular cast iron
Magnets: samarium cobalt 2:17

Sectional Drawing:

Model description: For example CNA40-250A
40- Pump outlet diameter(mm)
250- Impeller diameter(mm)
A-Impeller for the first time custting

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