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CQB Flange Teflon Lined Magnetic Drive Pump

CQB series pump is a horizontal, seal less centrifugal magnetic drive pump, compliant with ISO/ASME/ANSI(标准条款) sealless pump standard for general emission-free services.

  • Application
  • Design Feature
  • Model and Parameter
  • Material of Construction
  • Installation Drawing
  • Performance curve

●Acid and caustic liquid
●Oxidizer corrosive liquids
●Difficult-to-seal liquids
●Sulphuric acid
●Hydrochloric acid
●Nitric acid
●Acid and lye
●Nitromuriatic acid

CQB series plastic lined magnetic drive pumps are widely applicable to:
●Chemical and petrochemical industries
●Acids & lyes
●Metal Pickling
●Rare-earth separation
●Agricultural chemicals
●Nonferrous smelting process
●Pulp & Paper
●Electroplating industry
●Radio Industry

-Leak-proof design.
-Sealless Teflon lined magnetic drive pump, driven by magnetic coupling indirectly, motor shaft and pump chamber is completely sealed, avoid pump leakage problem and use site pollution.
-Wetted part material is PTFE fused with FEP, can transfer low and high concentration acid, alkali, strong oxidizer etc corrosive liquid.
-Robust pump casing. The part contacting with liquid material is fluoroplastic, pump casing material is cast iron, and pump casing can bear part of piping and mechanical impact.
 -The structure is tightly, safety, and energy-saving.
 -Cost-intensive wearing parts are cancelled by the sealless method of construction, therefore, reduced maintenance costs and long service life.

1.Pump identification

2.Model and parameters

Pump ModelFlow (M3/h)Head (m)Efficiency (%)NPSHr (m)Speed (rpm)Inlet (mm)Outlet (mm)Temp (°C)Motor Power(kw)Pump and motor weight(KG)
CQB 32-20-110F413.530629003220<800.55018
CQB 40-25-120F41536529004025<800.75035
CQB 40-40-100F41138529004040<800.55020
CQB 50-32-125F722283.529005032<1001.545


1HousingF50( PTFE and PEP polymers)
2Seal ringFluorubber/PTFE
4ImpellerF50( PTFE and PEP polymers) with magnet
5Pump shaftAlumina/aluminium nitride
6Thrust plateHigh-density carbon
7CanF50( PTFE and PEP polymers)
8Drive magnet assemblyPP/Magnet

Pump dimensions mm

ModelLSPfWTHhagbjxn- Ø tn- Ø dN- Ø D
CQB 32-20-110F43020012565148115216105120909065604- Ø 134- Ø 114- Ø 12
CQB 40-25-120F435270655017515024411314010010075674-M124- Ø 114- Ø 12
CQB 50-32-125F510225658519215826812813012010090764- Ø 134- Ø 114- Ø 13
CQB40-40-100F43020012565148115216105130130100100604- Ø 134- Ø 134- Ø 12

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