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Self-priming high-efficiency twin-screw pump

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• Oil field: transport various oil products, sewage, dirty oil, polymer, crude oil;

• Petrochemical industry: used as a delivery pump for various acids, alkalis, salt solutions, resins, pigments, inks, paints, glycerin, paraffin, etc.;

• Shipbuilding industry: used as marine cargo oil pumps, stripping pumps, marine ballast pumps, main engine lubricating oil pumps, fuel oil delivery pumps, loading pumps, etc.;

• Thermal power plants: heavy oil and crude oil delivery pumps, heavy oil fuel pumps, fuel injection pumps;

• Food industry: used in wineries, food factories, sugar factories, canning factories, etc. Conveying alcohol, honey, sugar juice, toothpaste, milk, cream, soy sauce, vegetable oil, animal oil, wine, etc.;

• Paint industry: all kinds of paints, paint barrel pumps, dump pumps.

• Strong self-priming ability: low noise, no pulsation, no emulsifying and shearing effect on the medium;

• High efficiency: pumps with different structures are suitable for various applications and can transport gas and liquid;

Flow rate: ~2000 m3/h

Differential pressure: -6.0 MPa

Viscosity: 10000 mm2/8

Self-priming height: 1~3 m

Self-priming time: 150~200 s

Motor power: 2.2~30 KW

Temperature range: -20℃~25℃

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