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Single screw pump

Pressure:0.2 Mpa


Power:6.8-23.5 Kw

Motor power:11-30Kw

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  • Material of Construction

FoodIt is used for the transportation of wine,waste residue and ingredients in the wine-makingprocess in the winery, as well as the transportationof jam, chocolate and other similar materials.

Textileused to transport synthetic fiber liquid,viscose liquid, dye, ink, nylon, etc.

Paperused for the transportation of pulp black liquor.

Petroleumused for the ground gathering andtransportation of various oils and the transporta-tionof polymers, as loading and unloading pumps,dumping pumps, circulating pumps, etc.

Chemicalused to transport various suspensions,emulsions, acids, alkalis, salts, etc.

For a pump of the same size at the same speed, the flow rate of the pump is increased by50%, andthe pressure is increased by30%, which will not increase the installation space of the pump unit.

Under the same flow rate, the overall size is reduced, saving installation space.

Due to the reduced eccentricity, the friction speed of the rotor in the stator is reduced, which prolongsthe life of the rotor/stator.



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