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Vertical twin screw pump

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• Oil field: transport various oil products, sewage, dirty oil, polymer, crude oil

• Petrochemical industry: used as a delivery pump for various acids, alkalis, salt solutions, resins, pigments, inks, paints, glycerin, paraffin, etc.

• Shipbuilding industry: used as marine cargo oil pumps, stripping pumps, marine ballast pumps, main engine lubricating oil pumps, fuel oil transfer pumps, loading pumps, etc.

• Thermal power plants: heavy oil and crude oil delivery pumps, heavy oil fuel pumps, fuel injection pumps

• Stable conveying medium, no pulsation, small vibration, low noise and high efficiency;

• It has strong self-priming performance and can be mixed with gas and liquid;

• Driven by synchronous gears, it can run dry for a short time;

• The pump itself has a safety valve structure to provide overload protection;

• Pumps with different structures are suitable for various applications;

• Using mechanical seal structure, long life, no leakage.

Delivery flow: 2~1200 m3/h

Working pressure: 0.1~4.0 Mpa

Medium viscosity: 1~3x106 mm2/s

Working temperature: -50~320 ℃

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